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Welcome to Reception


The teachers in the Foundation Stage are Mrs Whiskerd the Foundation Stage Leader. Mrs Lehec and Mrs Roache. We are supported by Mrs Finch and Mrs Isham. We also have Miss Jackson, Mr Bailey, Miss Cross, Mrs Hunt and Mrs Gibson working with us each week. 





New Parents Welcome Meeting Powerpoint

Letter Sound Cards

The children have been enjoying their Read Write Inc Phonic sessions. As new sounds are taught sheets and sound cards will be sent home in book bags so please keep checking them daily. Please remember to review all previous sounds too! 

Please look at all sounds with your child and see if they can name the sound either with or without referring to the picture clue on the back of the card. You can use the cards to make  words that you can blend with your child or say a word and ask your child to find the card with the initial, final or even middle sound on it. 

A couple of minutes each day will really help your child to build on what they have been taught in school. Please continue to work on all sounds until we send more home. If you are unsure how to pronounce the sounds please use the link below.

Red Words


During our RWI sessions during the Summer term we will be continuing to learn the red / tricky words which the children are familiar with and have already had set 1 or 2 to work on at home. At the end of each term we will assess if children can recognise the set we have sent home with them.  If your child can show they can remember set 1 words we will send home set 2 words for you to continue to learn and when ready they will move onto set 3. Please use the red words during your home reading sessions as this will help children learn and remember them ready for our assessments in school.  


During the next term the children will continue to have their weekly spelling quiz each Friday so remember to check book bags each Friday for new spellings to learn for the following week. Thank you for your support

Next Step Footstep Targets

Each child will be given a "Next Step Footstep Target" for them to work on during Term 6, these will be in book bags after the holiday. This target is something which we feel your child needs to be able to do so please support your child at home with their target. We will be reviewing these targets at the end of Term 6 to finish the year off but if children can show us they can achieve it before this time we will send home a new target as once a "Next Step Footstep Target" has been achieved a new one will be sent home. This could be a personal or academic target, such as, putting on and zipping up coats or recognising numbers to 20. If you have any questions please speak to Mrs Whiskerd, Mrs Lehec or Mrs Roache.


Transition into Year 1

Information to follow shortly.

Topic Overview Summer Term 2nd Half


Our topic overview for the Summer Term 2nd Half will be uploaded very soon and will appear below!  

It contains information about what the children will be learning in all of the different areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum in Reception during their last term in Foundation Stage, we are not sure where the last year has gone!

Reception Term 5 Parents Overview

Reception Term 4 Parents Overview

Reception Term 3 Parents Overview

Reception Term 1 and 2 Overviews for Parents


Tapestry is an online learning journal that creates an individual profile for each child. All members of the Foundation team will use iPads to record observations of the children’s learning, which we then link to the foundation stage curriculum as evidence of the children's progress. When an observation is added to your child’s profile you will receive an email. Parents are able to log onto the learning journal to view and comment on the observations that have been made of their own child. The website can be accessed using the link below:






Tapestry is now live!

 Please sign in using the email address given on your registration forms handed into school when your child first started and also the password you will find at the back of your child's red reading diary in their book bag, please remember the ! the end of the password. Please do like or comment on the observation so we can see who has seen it. Over the next term we will be sending out further observations for you to see and please watch out for a home observation challenge for parents!


Please can we ask for all parents to either like our observations or write a comment so we know they have been seen. Thank you for your support with this.


If you have any problems logging in please speak to one of the Reception Teaching Team and we can check the log in details for you.

Creating a Tapestry observation at home

We hope that over the next year parents will support us with Tapestry by accessing the children’s Tapestry learning journeys. We welcome parents to like and comment on the observations and we look forward to seeing observations that have been uploaded from home. Please can we ask for all parents to upload their own observations so we can share with the children what they have been doing at home. If you need any help on uploading an observation please speak to the Foundation Stage Team.