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School Clubs

Terry Goode is a qualified Sports Coach and runs a mutli-skills course from 3.00pm to 4.00pm on Monday afternoons.    Not only do the children have an opportunity to learn a range of sports skills, but we have seen how the children develop their own self confidence and learn to work as a team.


More information is available from the school office.

Year 2 participate in a range of activities after school.  The children enjoy discussing what sports events, creative activities or ICT they would like to do, and we are always keen to hear what other suggestions they may have.  For example, this year, lots of children wanted to attend construction clubs, so we decided to run two clubs to accommodate their preferences.


Details of the club dates are included in the Newsletter and Calendar Sections.



The school is keen to support the local community, so we are happy to hire out our school hall to Moylan School of Dance for ballet lessons.  Should your son/daughter be interested in taking lessons, please site the website at



At various times throughout the year we invite professionals into school to offer children experiences of different sports and acticities eg:




Jado Kuin Do


It has encouraging to see that a lot of pupils who first experience a different sport within school go on to become full members of a local sports club.