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School Dinner Catering Info

Dear Family


Waynflete Infants' School appointed abm Catering to provide the hot meal service to school from April 2015.  With the introduction of the Universal Infant Free School meal initiative, the governors of our school would like to encourage all children to take advantage of a free school meal as they recognise the benefit a healthy nutritious meal has on well-being and the ability to concentrate on learning.


abm were appointed because they understand the vital role that good nutrition plays in the maintenance and production of health.  It is their policy to ensure that all children are offered a range of foods that enable them to make healthy eating choices.


abm'smenus are developed using the five main food groups demonstrated by the "eatwell plate" and they endeavour to use low fat cooking methods wherever possible.  They hope to nutritionally education pupils, guiding them towards choosing healthier, more balanced meals, which in turn will play a crucial role in decreasing saturated fat, salt and sugar intake.


abm fully support the Government led food based standards and the School Food Plan.  Their balanced menus meet the bronze Food for Life criteria, which in turn positively impacts on health, education and local economies and strives to "close the gap" between disadvantaged children and their peers.


As a registered supporter of the Change 4 Life Government led health and wellbeing scheme, abm Catering aim to reach out to parents and the wider community, ensuring we are all together healthier people.


Waynflete Infants' School work in very partnership with staff at abm and have established an excellent provision of service to the children at our school.  abm are happy to consult with their nutritionists to develop individual menus for children with allergies.  They also work with school to create special themed menus to fit around the school curriculum and special events.


abm promote healthy nutritional advice through their "Tasties" characters :

Egbert Egg, Annie Apple, Penny Pasta, Milo Milk, Marly Mango, Bertie Brocolli and  Nancy