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1. Who are the best people to talk to at Waynflete Infants’ School about my child’s difficulties, Special Education Need or disability?

We believe that teaching children with Special Educational Needs is a whole school responsibility. All staff have been involved in the development of the Inclusion Policy and are fully aware of the schools SEND procedures. Staff are kept fully up to date with recent government initiates and developments in the area of SEND. Staff have access to a variety of training opportunities to develop knowledge and teaching skills in various areas of SEND.


If you have any questions or wish to talk to someone about your child’s difficulties, SEN or disability your first port of call should be your child’s class teacher.


The class teacher is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all children have access to good/outstanding teaching and that the curriculum is adapted to meet your child’s individual needs (also known as differentiation).
  • Checking on the progress of your child and identifying, planning and delivering any additional help your child may need (this could be things like targeted work, additional support) and letting the SENCO know when necessary.
  • Ensuring that all members of staff working with your child in school are aware of your child’s individual needs and/or conditions and what specific adjustments need to be made to enable them to be included and make progress. 
  • Ensuring that the school’s Inclusion Policy is followed in their classroom and for all the pupils they teach.
  • Ensuring that all children have equal opportunities to learn from a range of staff members including teachers and teaching assistants.


A discussion with your child’s class teacher may lead to an involvement with the Special Needs Co-ordinator.  Mrs Hayley Sara has the responsibility for the day-to-day  management of all aspects of the provision for children who  need extra support and children with SEND.


If you are not yet a part of the Waynflete Infants’ School  community then please do not hesitate to contact the school.  Mrs Sara will be more than happy to answer any further questions. 


The SENCO is responsible for:

  • Day-to-day operation of the schools Inclusion  Policy
  • Liaising with parents to keep them informed of progress and listen to their views on their child’s progress. 
  • Advising teaching staff, support staff and 1-1 support staff.
  • Coordinating provision for all pupils with SEND (including low attaining children)
  • Liaising with external agencies
  • Managing the SEND budget and setting priorities
  • Organizing individual and small group support, and evaluating their impact and effectiveness regularly.
  • Maintaining a Provision Map that tracks the progress of all children with SEND (including low attaining children)
  • Monitoring, through planning, that the curriculum is fully inclusive and accessible to all children.
  • Co-ordinating termly IEP reviews and Annual Reviews of children with Education Health and Care plans.
  • Attending  training to continue own professional development in order to meet all pupils needs
  • Delivering  in-service training to ensure a high level of staff expertise
  • Carrying out referral procedures to outside agencies or to request High Needs Funding and/or and Education Health and Care Plans.
  • Overseeing the smooth running of transition arrangements and transfer information between schools and staff.