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10. How are children with behaviour needs supported at Waynflete Infants’ School? (Individual Behaviour Plans)

We have our whole school behaviour system that works throughout the school and the school day. We use a visual traffic light system for the children to be aware of the choices they make and the consequences. If this approach is not working for individual children we introduce an Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP).


Some children may need Individual Behaviour Plans in order to focus on specific areas of their behaviour. The IBP consists of two documents; one for members of staff and one for the child.

The staff document will be created with the team of staff that are involved in the child’s daily routine. A meeting will be conducted to discuss triggers and to agree on strategies that all staff need to adopt in order to support the child. This document is then shared with the whole teaching staff during staff meeting to ensure all are aware of the strategies in place. 

The child's document is in a very child friendly format. It is our aim as a school to ensure that all children are involved in their own education. Children will be involved in all aspects of creating their IBP and have an ownership of their targets. Discussions will take place with the child about their strengths and difficulties and targets will be put in place accordingly. Children will be involved in discussing ways in which they can achieve their targets and who and what will help them to do so. They will also chose a selection of pictures to put on their plan to make it their own. Children will have ownership of their IBP and reward themselves when they feel they have met their targets. 


Outside agencies may be approached for further strategies if the class teacher and SENCo feel it is necessary.