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17. What is an Action Plan?

If your child is at Cycle 2 of Stage 2 support, an Action Plan will be created. This document will begin by highlighting where your child is working in all areas of the SEND Code of Practice, including Cognition and Learning, Social Emotional and Mental Health, Communication and Interaction and Physical/Sensory. This information is gathered by the SENCO and your child’s class teacher. The plan will then include three or four short SMART targets that will address the underlying reasons why your child is having difficulties. Following the targets, actions will be agreed that may include ways to achieve targets and may also include actions that you or school must take in order to provide the best support for your child ie. activities to complete at home, referrals to be completed/chased up.


The SENCO will aim to meet with you to discuss your child’s Action Plan five times a year. These may be meetings solely with the SENCo or they may be in conjunction with your class teacher during Pupil progress Meetings. During these meetings actions and targets will be reviewed and new actions and targets will be documented. Before the meeting takes place you will be provided with a Parent’s Views document, where you can note down any concerns or views that you would like to address in the meeting. After the meeting a copy of completed Action Plan that includes both your views and the views of your child will be sent to you. Please read through the documents carefully and sign the complements slip if you are in agreement with the Action Plan.


During this process your child’s voice will also be collected and inputted into the Action plan. Your child will be asked what they like about school and what could make their time in school better. It is our schools aim to involve children in all decisions affecting them, however due to the age range of the children in our school this can sometimes be difficult. Some young children will not have the level of maturity required in order for them to be able to take ownership of their plan. Every child will be involved in a way that best suits them and this will be decided by the SENCo after an assessment of each individual child.