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“Where excellence and enjoyment of learning enable all to achieve.” We have places available in Years 1 and 2 in September 2019. Applications are via Northamptonshire County Council Admissions.
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2. What interventions are available for children who need extra support at Waynflete Infants’ School?

At Waynflete Infants’ school we have a range of extra support groups running, some of which are explained below. It is our aim to provide all children with the support they need, so new interventions may be introduced to support individual children or groups of children. We make sure that all children are supported  in ways that best suit their needs, in order to prepare them for the social and academic demands of school life and enable them to achieve their potential. 


Current groups include …


Read Write Inc. top up sessions – 15 minute session based on the Read Write Inc. program to reinforce sound recognition, blending and segmenting skills through a variety of games. (Groups currently running in all year groups)



ARCH – A group of trained volunteers that support children who are less confident in reading. A variety of games and story books are used to develop key self-esteem, confidence and communication skills. (Groups currently running in Year 1 and 2)


Nurture Group ‘Little Acorns’ – A Group to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment where staff focus on supporting each child to meet the social and intellectual demands of school life through play, cooking and turn taking activities. (Currently provided for children in all year groups)


For more information please see our Nurture Group page. 

Numicion: Closing the Gap - A 12 week programme that uses Numicon to make the basic idea of number accessible to pupils experiencing difficulty in Maths. A detailed practical assessment is conducted at the start, where areas of difficulty are identified. These areas are targeted throughout the 12 weeks through carefully planned, practical based activities. Session are delivered by a trained member of staff. For more information on Numicon please visit (Currently running in Year 2/1)


Fine motor – A variety of games and activities to develop the muscles in the hand and wrist to prepare children with the skills and strength to hold and control a pencil correctly. Activities include, Dough Disco, Tweezer games, bead threading. The Occupational Therapist toolkit is used to plan activities. (Groups currently running in Year R) 


Gross Motor – Children experience a range of physical development activities that aim to enhance core muscles, coordination and balance. Sessions also involve activities that improve arm and shoulder muscles which in turn develops pencil control skills. Activities include, keeping a balloon in the air, playing on the trim trail, playing on the wobble board, stepping stones and ball games. The 'Physiotherapy DCD pack', 'School Physiotherapy Gross Motor Skills Development Information and Checklist' and 'Physiotherapy Exersize Programme for Schools' are used to plan activities. (Documents found at  (Group currently running in Year R)


Writing Catch up– Children are provided with the opportunity to practice their writing skills. Staff work on supporting children to think of sentences to write, remembering finger spaces, capital letters and/or full stops. This session also aims to develop letter formation and handwriting. (Group currently running in Year 1) 


Maths Catch up– A variety of games and activities to practice early numeracy skills, such as counting,  recognising numbers, writing numbers and place value.   (Group currently running in Year 1 and 2) 



Speech and Language – Children work through recommendations from the Speech and Language Therapist with a trained Teaching Assistant. We have a very close working partnership with the Speech and Language Therapist where information gets passed on regularly. (Available to all children on the Speech and Language resister)


Socially Speaking Group – Children spend time within a small group of children playing a range of speaking and listening games. The games focus on developing confidence and self-esteem through discussion, role play and questioning. (currently running in Year R)