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“Where excellence and enjoyment of learning enable all to achieve.” We have a small number of places available in all three year groups (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). Applications are via Northamptonshire County Council Admissions.
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4. What happens at Waynflete infant school if my child is not making enough progress? (The Three Stage Provision Model)

There are three stages of support

STAGE 1 - Well differentiated, quality first teaching, including where appropriate, the use of small group intervention. 

STAGE 2 - Additional SEND support 

STAGE 3 - Cause For Concern - High Needs Funding/Education Health and Care Plan 


All children at Waynflete are supported at Stage 1. They all have access to first quality teaching, which includes effective assessment and planning. Stage 1 also includes carefully differentiated activities or approaches directly related to the curriculum which are part of good practice in making teaching and learning accessible to pupils learning at different rates. Our school has an ethos where we ensure that all children are able to learn in the way that they learn best. We ensure that we plan and deliver multi-sensory lessons that include a variety of visual, kinaesthetic, and auditory activities so all children are able to access what is being taught. We encourage a calm and organised learning environment and ensure that instructions are kept short and are repeated for those who need it.


Some children may be identified in tracking meetings with the Head Teacher and SENCo as ‘low attainers’ who need to make accelerated progress in order to meet age related expectations. We ensure that we monitor these children closely and provide support for the additional needs in a variety of ways. It may occur that a combination of these approaches are used to address targets identified for individual children.

  • Differentiation of work
  • Small group intervention  to work on small targets (More information on the small group interventions can be found on the 'Intervention Details' page) 
  • Small group in class support 
  • Individual class support/ individual intervention
  • Further differentiation of resources, IPads, recording devices, key/red word mats etc..
  • Bilingual support/ access to materials in translation
If your child does not make enough progress in the intervention/s that they have been accessing, it will be agreed by the SENCo and their class teacher that they require Stage 2 support. This means that they need support that is ‘significantly different from and additional to’ the well differentiated curriculum. These children will be placed on the Early Help process. This process starts with a meeting between the class teacher and the SENCo to discuss previous Stage 1 type provision and ways forward to increase progress.The arrangements and targets made will inputted into an Action Plan and will be shared with parents and reviewed after a 12 week period. 
If, after the 12 week period, the support arrangements put in place have enabled the child to progress then the Early Help process with be closed on the pretences that the child will be closely monitored. If the child has still not made the expected progress then a referral will be made to an appropriate outside agency and the support recommendations that are provided will be implemented. This child will then be added onto our schools SEND register and may be provided with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or an Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP). (Please find more information on IEPs and IBPs by clicking the link below)

Some children arrive at Waynflete requiring Stage 2 support as they have previously received additional intervention and/or recommendations from outside agencies. These children will automatically be placed on our SEND register and will be provided with Stage 2 support, if agreed in transition meetings.


If after agreed period of time the support arrangements provided at Stage 2 does not meet the needs of the child and they are therefore not making expected progress, it will be agreed by the SENCO, parents and other professionals involved, that the child requires Stage 3 support. Stage 3 allows children to access a more highly individualised programme of support. 

Either an application to Higher Needs Funding or an aplication for an Assessment of Needs with the aim to obtain an Education Health and Care plan, will be completed by the SENCo. (Please find more information on these forms of support by clicking the link below)

Some children arrive at Waynflete at this level of support. In discussions at transition meetings it will be agreed whether this level of support will need to continue at Waynflete. If a child has received High Needs Funding at Nursery/ Pre-school, Miss Talbot needs to  re-apply to recieve this funding for the duration of the child's time at Waynflete. It is required that one school term is used to gather evidence to support this referral. If a child arrives at Waynflete with an EHC Plan, Miss Talbot will create a Interim Target Plan that outlines the priorities on the child's EHC Plan and details how we as a school will provide support for each priority.


At this Stage of support we regard parental involvement as key to successful outcomes of support. Regular meetings will be held with parents and other professionals involved to ensure that the processes run smoothly, and all parties are in agreement with support arrangements in place.