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“Where excellence and enjoyment of learning enable all to achieve.” School is closed for most pupils. Emergency childcare is being provided for key workers. All contact should be done via email: Guidance on Coronavirus can be found under our Parents tab
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7. How will Waynflete Infants’ School let me know if they have concerns about my child’s progress?

We believe that children learn best when parents/carers and school work in close partnership and we strive to keep parents informed every step of the way. 


         Pupil Progress Meetings  

Twice a year parents will be invited into school to discuss their child's progress with their class teacher. At this point you could be told that your child is working behind expectations. Your child's class teacher will discuss with you the differentiation they are providing in the classroom and any additional support that your child is receiving. Such support could be small group adult support in the classroom and/or small group interventions. Class Teachers will recommend activities for you to do at home to support your child.


         Action Plan Meetings with class teacher and/ or SENCo

If your child is receiving Stage 2 support you may be invited to attend an Action Plan meeting. During this meeting your child’s achievements will be celebrated and support arrangements and  targets will be discussed, reviewed and new targets will be created.  (For more information on Action Plans please see No.17)