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8. How does Waynflete Infants’ School ensure that the views of my child (and other children with SEND in the school) are valued and used to inform planning?



At Waynflete Infants’ School each child receiving Stage 3 support will be involved in creating a Profile.

This process starts with a discussion with your child about their strengths and difficulties. Your child will be given one target to focus on and will be involved in organising how they would like to be supported to meet this target.


Due to the age range of the children here at Waynflete this can sometimes be difficult as they may not have the maturity to complete what is being asked of them. The SENCo will support each child individually to create their profile and help them think about the ways that they learn best.


Children are also supported to monitor their own progress in relation to their targets and are encouraged to reward themselves with a sticker on the corresponding area on their profile.  This encourages self-assessment, which is known to develop self-esteem and motivation to achieve.


Action Plan Meetings

Before an Action Plan meeting, your child’s class teacher or the SENCo will work with your child and talk about the progress they have made. They will ask your child what they like about school and what they would like to change to make school better. This will be taken into account when planning future support arrangements and targets for them and will be shared with you at your child’s Action Plan Meeting.



At the end of every half term, children who are receiving intervention are asked for their feedback. Children are asked about how they think they have improved and what, if any, changes they would like to make to the intervention. All children's ideas are listen to and are taken into account in the planning of individual children's next stages of support and other future interventions. 


         The Individual Child

At Waynflete Infants' School we see every child as an individual. We plan activities and support arrangements with each individual in mind. We use the interests of children to develop their participation in activities and as rewards to develop their motivation to achieve. We understand that all children do not fit in the same box and that some children may need different approaches in order to access school life. 


At Waynflete Infants' School we ensure that all children's views are listened to and are valued. 

Please read our British Values Policy for more information