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Helping Your Child Deal With Their Anxiety During Lock Down

Over the past few weeks children have experienced a significant change in their life and for all children this will have been unsettling. For children with anxiety, this change could be very overwhelming. Children with anxiety will benifit from the folowing resources. 

Social Stories about Coronovirus
Children with anxiety will greatly benifit from developing a good understanding about Coronavirus, and these social stories will enable children to do this in a child friendly way. 
Worry Monsters 
Sometimes just writing down a worry can be helpful in itself. When a worrying or troubling thought comes into the child's mind they can write it down, or draw a picture, and feed it to their monster or puppet.  They will often be willing to tell the monster about the worry when they have been unable to voice it to an adult. 
Anxiety is a very difficult feeling to understand and explain for children. The following stories are great resources to explain anxiety in a way that children can understand. 
  1. The Making of Milton 
       2. Ruby Finds a Worry 
        3. The Huge Bag of Worries  

After reading the book, you could write your worries down and put them in a bag, and talk about ways to make your worry bag shrink!

       4. The Worry Book