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Helping Your Child Deal With Their Anger and Frustration During Lock down

Social Stories 
Some children may find it difficult to understand and control their feelings and emotions. This may result in them acting in inappropriate ways. Social Stories are a great way to help children learn how to act appropriately in certain situations.
Visual Aids 
We find that some children who find it hard to control their emotions can become frustrated when things don't happen the way that they have planned and /or when asked to do something they do not want to do. These children greatly benefit from rotuine and clear expectations. Daily Visual Timetables or 'Now and Then' boards help children to see what is happening when and this creates a sense of security, hopefully allowing children to maintain calm. It also helps them to visually see that the things they do not want to do will not last forever and they can look forward to fun things planned afterwards (a great resource to use to encourage participation in home learning tasks during lock down). 
Anger and frustration are very difficult feelings to understand and explain to children. They can also be difficult feelings to control. The following stories are great resources to explain anger and frustration in ways that children can understand. 
1.The Red Beast 
2. Marvin Gets Mad 
3. Cool Down and Work Through Anger