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From all of us to all of you. We miss you all very much and wish you well and hope you are all safe and well! We hope you enjoy our message to you 🙂 x

Welcome to our Home Learning Zone

These are unprecedented times and we are trying to support you with activities and tasks that the children can do at home in the house or in the garden. They are there as a guide and we do not expect you to have to do them all and especially not in one sitting.

We would highly recommend that you allow your children some free time too. Doing activities for short bursts will keep their attention and will allow you to make some memories too.

I saw this lovely post on social media and thought it was very fitting as this event will go into history books and will be talked about with future generations.

A conversation between a child and their Grandad in 2095…

Child – “How old are you Grandad?”
Grandad – “I’m 81 Kid.”
Child – “So does that mean you were alive during the Coronavirus?”
Grandad – “Yes kid I was.”
Child – “Wow. That must have been horrible Grandad. We were learning about that at school this week.”

“They told us about how all the schools had closed. And mums and dads couldn’t go to work so didn’t have as much money to do nice things. They said that u weren’t allowed to go and visit your friends and family and couldn’t go out anywhere. They told us that the shops ran out of lots of things so you didn’t have much bread, and flour, and toilet roll ‘child giggles’. They said that summer holidays were cancelled. And they told us about all those thousands of people that got very poorly and who died. They explained about the NHS and how hard all the doctors and nurses and all NHS workers worked, and that lots of them died too. That must have been so horrible Grandad.”

Grandad – “Well kid, that is all correct. And I know that because I read about it when I was older. But to tell you the truth I remember it differently…

I remember playing in the garden for hours with mum and dad and having picnics outside and lots of BBQs. I remember making things with my Dad and baking with my Mum. I remember making dens with my little brother and teaching him how to do hand stands and back flips. I remember having quality time with my family. I remember mum’s favourite words becoming ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea…’ Rather than ‘Maybe later or tomorrow I’m a bit busy’. I remember making our own bread and pastry. I remember having film night 3 or 4 times a week instead of just one.

It was a horrible time for lots of people you are right. But I remember it differently.”

Remember how our children will remember these times. Be in control of the memories they are creating right now, so that through all the awful headlines and emotional stories for so many that they will come to read in future years, they can remember the happy times.


We miss you all lots and can’t wait to see you soon. 



Mrs Tina Lagdon – Head Teacher

Please remember to:

  • to sit and talk with your child
  • share stories
  • do some art work
  • if you have a garden, then get outside and do some exercise or do the gardening
  • build a den
  • teach them how to clean
  • teach them how to make their beds every morning
  • do some cooking or baking together

National online safety

Ideas to cope with stress

Stories to help explain about the virus

In this section you will find a range of stories which explain a little more about the virus, why schools needed to close and why it is so important to keep washing your hands. Some of these stories are a little tricky and you might need an adult to help you to read them. Others you may be able to read by yourself. We hope that these will help to explain any questions you may have and may help you to understand these strange times a little better. Take care and stay safe!
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