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SEN and Disability


At Waynflete Infants’ School we value all children equally no matter what their special need, disability or background. We are committed to providing equal access, for all children, to a broad and balanced social and academic curriculum, including the Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum. We are also committed to providing an inclusive school environment for all children to feel safe, happy and have their individual needs met through a wide range of provision.

Our special educational needs (SEN) co-ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Hayley Sara who can be contacted via the school. Mrs Sara is available on Thursday’s and Friday’s to respond to your queries.

In September 2021 the school had an external Access Audit which produced a very positive report. It was quoted in the report that

“The school should all be complimented on the positive attitude it has towards inclusion and its ambitions to breakdown any barriers.”

The Equality Act of 2010 places a duty on all schools to plan to increase accessibility in schools. Waynflete recognises its duty in law:

  • Not to discriminate against disabled pupils in their admissions and exclusions procedures
  • Not to treat disabled pupils less favourably
  • To take reasonable steps to avoid putting disabled pupils at a substantial disadvantage
  • To publish an Accessibilty Plan.

As a school we comply with the ‘Public Sector Equality duty.’ The schools objectives are listed below, if you would like any further information please talk to the school.

One of the changes bought about by the 2014 Code of Practice was that children and young people with Special Education Needs and/or Disability (SEND) and their families should be central to identification, assessment and planning. This means that it is vital parents know what they can reasonably expect from their school and Local Authority. The outcome of this is that Local Authorities and other services, including schools will set out a Local Offer detailing all of the services available to support children who have SEND.

This will mean that…

  • Parents can have a greater level of confidence and understanding of processes involved in identification and assessment of SEND.
  • An earlier identification of children with SEND can be enabled.
  • There will be a reduction in the need for assessment.
  • Gaps in provision and need will be identified quickly.
  • There will be an evidence base for improving progress and securing better outcomes at school and at a local level.

At Waynflete Infants’ School we aim that any child, including children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability are well integrated into the life of our school and individuality is celebrated. We strive to do our utmost to support all children regardless of their background or need. This is done in collaboration with the Local Authority in order that all children make the best possible progress in school and reach their potential.

Please refer to this link to find out up to date information on Northamptonshire County Council’s Local Offer.

Should you need further information or an adaptation of the information contained within our website, please contact the school either via email or telephone:

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